Temptalia’s Spring Makeup Edit (2019)

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Here are my personal picks for spring; they’re shades that I’d put in my dream springtime makeup bag to wear and love during the season specifically based on how I’m feeling about this spring’s vibe, what’s been calling to me, and so on.  I tend to think about more recently reviewed products as that is what is most accessible to me (both physically but in my memory), but there are some longer-term favorites sprinkled throughout.

If there was one type of makeup product that I had to declare an everlasting love for… it would be eyeshadow.  It was what made me fall in love with makeup, and it’s my favorite part of applying makeup 15 years later.  These days, realistically, I tend to reach for pre-made eyeshadow palettes and recently-reviewed singles (often more arranged in a color story, whereas singles in the archives are organized by color across dozens of palettes) over anything else.  They’re the easiest to reach for when there are moments to wear something I’m not testing for review (I’m usually after something I can apply easily for a lot of swatch photos or for date-night makeup that I’ve applied after testing other things all day).

Eyeshadow Palettes

Spring 2019

Gold, Lila, Lila, Cranberry, Bronze Seduction, Orange Blossom

I find myself often pulling Natasha Denona’s Lila palette out and pairing it with some of the warmer tones from the Gold palette or keeping it in the purple-vein with either the Cranberry or mini Lila palettes.  When I want something warm, bronzy, sparkly, and easy, Pat McGrath’s Bronze Seduction and Kaja’s Orange Blossom would keep me covered!  (I have also been pulling mattes in from the Biba palette, but I feel like I could probably get away with the mattes included in the palettes listed already.)

Torch, Peridot (90), (Grape)vine, Whirl(pool)

I love colored eyeliner and often apply eyeshadow to my lower lash line, so I’ve really enjoyed more matte (but colorful) eyeliners on the waterline/lower lash line so I can add shimmer using eyeshadow.  Shades like Torch and Grapevine pair well with the palettes I’ve shared above, while Whirl(pool) offers great contrast and Peridot is one of my favorite springtime shades–such a happy, uplifting green that’s pastel-esque.

Pink-Champagne, Vibrant Coral & Golden, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Flesh & Fantasy (506), Hologlam (601), Wrapped Candy

The struggle for me to narrow an edit is that… I love wearing ALL tones and types of shades! I’ll wear purple, green, bronze, and everything in-between, so I need to cover a good spectrum of undertone and depth to give me some warmer and cooler, deeper and lighter shades to work with–then I’ll often layer with highlighters to get the exact tone I’m after.  Shades like Flesh & Fantasy and Pink-Champagne are pretty much in my arsenal year-round, and I’m certain Hologlam will be a shade I reach for often throughout the year but it’s new-ish to the vanity for me.

Bronze (03), Dew You, Light (01), Superb, Lilac Lust, Celestial

My cooler-toned favorites for spring are Celestial, which is the lightest and works well to add coolness to any shade, and Lilac Lust is more of a highlighting-blush.  A shade like Bronze (03) work well to add lots of warmth (without adding orange tones) to any blush, and then Dew You and Light (01) are my-skin-but-better kind of shades that are more low-level in sheen. Superb I can wear as a highlighter as well as a subtle, highlighting blush/bronzer.

Rebel, Spark, Electra, Madame Greige

Rebel is a year-round staple for me, as it pairs well with warmer and cooler looks, especially when I layer a gloss on top make it warmer or cooler depending on the look I’m after–wish Urban Decay would make it permanent!  Spark and Electra are nice pops of color and shimmer, and Electra gives me something richer/deeper if I want something extra.  Madame Greige is a bit cooler and more subdued, so it can be more my-lips-but-better as I need it.

Fu$$y, Pink Pearl, Rose Pearl, Gold

Fu$$y is a nice, easy-to-wear gloss that enhances the natural pink tones of my lips on its own but also to add a high-shine finish to any lipstick.  It’s hard not to reach for Bite’s shimmery glosses over and over again because they feel great but are also very transformative!  For spring, I think I’d get the most use out of Pink Pearl (adds coolness), Rose Pearl (adds depth, redness), and Gold (adds brightness, warmth).

Product List

Vibrant Coral & Golden is a bright, medium-dark pink-coral with lots of golden shimmer and a metallic sheen. There also seemed to be faint,…

Vibrant Coral & Golden is a bright, medium-dark pink-coral with lots of golden shimmer and a metallic sheen. There also seemed to be faint,…

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