Sephora Spring Bonus 2019 | Rouges Get 20% Off!

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Sephora’s Spring Bonus 2019 event kicks off April 26th and goes through May 6th.  Details for Rouge members were shared earlier today, which can be found in full on Sephora here, and as Sephora releases information about the other member tiers, I’ll be sure to update this post with that information!

This is the first year where Rouges will get 20% off, instead of 15% (which has been the discount available in the past for Rouges and VIBs and then 10% for Beauty Insiders), and Rouge members are able to shop ahead of other membership tiers.

Spring Bonus Dates

Rouge members get early access and can begin shopping the sale on April 26th.  Rouge members who shop in-store can bring a “shopping buddy” with them, who can also get 20% off their purchase.  Based on last year’s spring bonus event, VIBs and Beauty Insiders dates will start about a week later. As soon as I have official information from Sephora, I will update with details for remaining tiers.

  • Rouges: April 26th through May 6th
  • VIBs: TBA
  • Beauty Insiders: TBA

Spring Bonus Discount & Codes

Rouge members will get 20% off their orders, which can be used as many times as you’d like, during the event dates, and this used to be 15% off in previous years, so it is a nice bump for Rouge members.  We expect, based on previous years’ events, that VIBs will get a code for 15% off and Beauty Insiders will get a code for 10% off.  As soon as I have official information from Sephora, I will update with details for remaining tiers.

  • Rouges: 20% off with code HEYROUGE.
  • VIBs: TBA
  • Beauty Insiders: TBA

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