Ciate The Jessica Palette Review & Swatches

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The Jessica

Ciate The Jessica 9 Shade Eyeshadow Palette ($39.00 for 0.48 oz.) is a new, limited edition palette that features nine shades with three mattes and six shimmers. There was not one shade that was good; decent would be a stretch for maybe one or two shades–it might even be kind to say it’s mediocre rather than what it really is: a prettily packaged piece of garbage that Ciate should be ashamed to have put on the market, let alone marketed to add “va-va-voom” to one’s look. That the formula is supposed to be “ultra-blendable and creamy,” which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The shimmer formula was firm, stiff, and densely-packed and difficult to pick up with a brush, even if I jabbed and prodded and tried to discover its secrets of any of the shimmer-based shades. There were dry, difficult to apply (even with fingertips!) as the product went on unevenly, caught on and emphasized texture on my skin (frankly, didn’t realize I had so many dragon scales on my eyes), and had tons of fallout from attempting to apply/blend/build up the product. The three mattes were soft and blendable but very powdery and prone to sheering out, so they ended up being more like a veil of disappointment all over one’s lid.

Oh, all the shimmers developed hard pan after two uses and needed to be roughed up with a paper towel to even be “usable” for third and fourth go-round over primer and with wet brushes, which I’m here to report didn’t help in a meaningful way. They just got worse the more I used them–sheerer and drier in their pans (except the mattes, those didn’t develop hard pan and remained the same in texture). The “look” shown took 45 minutes for one eye (I normally spend 10-15 minutes per eye) and represents packing and pressing of multiple layers, using fingertips to press into place, and then giving up as the more I tried to blend or build up color, the more it started to lift in places.

Love Letter

Love Letter is a medium-dark, reddish copper with warm undertones and a satin finish. The consistency was incredibly stiff and firmly-pressed in the pan, so I had to jab at the surface to get product to come off and have something to put on my brush. There was fallout, poor adhesion, and it had to be blended out with a fingertip to get the stiff edges to diffuse at all. It had decent pigmentation the first two uses, but the third usage was where it had developed significant hard pan and seemed to get drier. It lasted for six hours before fading visibly on my skin.

Oh, Roger

Oh, Roger is a blackened purple with flecks of glitter. It had sheer coverage, a dry, crumbly texture that felt gritty against my skin. It was firmly pressed in its pan and did not want to come out to play–don’t bother trying to soften the edge of this one! I had some luck building and packing this shade on, at least, though there was lots of fallout for my troubles. The glitter migrated while worn , while the base pigment seemed to start fading after six hours of wear.

Sunset Blvd

Sunset Blvd is a medium gold with strong, warm undertones and a frosted finish. It had semi-opaque pigmentation, though that only lasted for the first two uses, and though I tried to rub away the hard pan that had developed, it seemed like it had dried out and became stiff, difficult to pick up with a brush, and more and more challenging to apply evenly or to build up coverage of on my lid. The first time I wore it, the color wore decently for six and a half hours, but the second time, it looked faded within four hours of wear.

I’m Not Bad

I’m Not Bad is a medium copper with warm undertones and a satin sheen. This was another shade that seemed like it was decent, but the eyeshadow seemed to dry out between uses and went from “maybe this is workable” to “is there anyway to revive this?” The first time I used it, the product adhered unevenly, seemed blendable, but then it started to lift away. The second and third time I used it, I could only get semi-sheer pigmentation that looked splotchy applied. It lasted for six hours before fading noticeably on me.

Patty Cake

Patty Cake is a light purple with warm undertones and a satin sheen. It had semi-sheer coverage that did not build up. The texture was dry, firmly pressed in the pan, and difficult to pick up with a brush, let alone making attempts to blend out the product. In case that wasn’t enough, the texture of this applied emphasized my skin’s texture and made me wonder if I might be part dragon–then again, it did take five attempts to layer it on to get a visible effect so it was… caked on (I’ll see myself out). It wore for five hours before fading noticeably on my eye.

Drawn That Way

Drawn That Way is a light, yellowed peach base with flecks of pink and gold sparkle. Initially, it had promise, but upon second, third, and fourth use, it was progressively sheerer, drier, and almost grainy to the touch. I had to push and jab at the surface to dislodge product to try and apply it to my skin. It was so firmly-pressed that even fingertips proved to be little help against the dark magic this formula possessed. What little I managed to transfer to my skin stayed on decently for six hours on me but had fallout over time.

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake is a light-medium orange with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had semi-opaque pigmentation but instantly sheered out to a semi-sheer layer of product and could not be built up due to the incredibly powdery, drier texture. There was some fallout as a result, and it did not improve much when I tried it over eyeshadow primer. It lasted for five and a half hours before it had faded noticeably on me.

Toon Kisses

Toon Kisses is a pale mauve with neutral undertones and a matte finish. It had sheer coverage, wasn’t buildable, and had tons of fallout due to the incredibly powdery texture. It seemed like more product disappeared into the air as I tried to pick up product with my brush than made it to my lid at all. It had a drier texture, though it was easy to diffuse and blend out (also hard to see), and started to fade on me after four hours of wear.

Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny is a light-medium peach with warm, yellow undertones and a matte finish. It had semi-sheer coverage at best paired with a very powdery, dusty formula that dispersed more product into the air than onto my lid, no matter how much I packed on or whether I used primer. What little I could see seemed to stay on for four to five hours at most.

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